I just really want a hug

Anonymous: we just want to help


Anonymous: its not about us hearing you say. it's about you saying what you need to.

I don’t know what I need to say.

Anonymous: do you want to talk about with someone? we're here for you honestly if you need amything

Thanks, it means a lot. I don’t have much to say though.

Anonymous: Im gonna call BS on that. You shouldnt take responsibility for the shit others cause.

It’s not others. I take responsibility for the shit I make myself feel.

Anonymous: You are one of my fave blogs, i hope the chick bothering you leaves you alone soon...

It’s not just that, that was my fault, like everything. Just a bad night. Sorry.

Anonymous: can you be helped by us?

I don’t know if anything can help

Anonymous: Are you alright?



On top of all this shit I have a project due tomorrow that I have to do. Why tonight. Why.